The Journey Begins 2013-11-24

My journey has just began. I left Boston early in the morning after spending most of the previous day and night collecting all the belongings I have accumulated over the last five years of my life in the Brave New World and stuffing them (very neatly, of course) into the two suitcases I am taking with me to my motherland. Not only did I discover that I own more than I would like to admit; I also noticed how attached I am to many of these physical items. I always used to think of myself as someone who does not give in to a materialistic lifestyle, but I must admit that is just not true. As I was picking up those things one by one, I struggled to decide which ones I would take with me and which I would leave behind- selling, donating, or just simply throwing away. Long story short, I did pack everything in the end and set off to Logan Airport.